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phoneBox Office: (541) 305-0014
Email: info@citylightscinemas.com
Located at: 1930 U.S. 101, Florence, OR 97439


City Lights Cinemas is a four screen, independently operated movie theater located in the heart of Florence, Oregon. Recently, an unprecedented industry mandated switch from 35mm to digital projection forced hundreds of local theaters to shutter their doors. City Lights’ mission is to bring the magic about film and the film going experience back to the residents and visitors of Florence and surrounding communities.

City Lights offers a crowd-pleasing variety of current releases – whether commercial, independent, and High Definition Performing Arts fare. A clean, comfortable and welcoming gathering place, City Lights Cinemas strives to provide a high quality, engaging and entertaining film experience. Enjoy the movies in Florence at City Lights Cinemas!

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City Lights Cinemas is the product of both dream and experience. For over 14 years Michael Falter has worked in film education and the film exhibition industry. With a background in teaching film at the college level along with many years as a film programmer and as a leader in the non-profit art house business, Michael brings a depth of knowledge as well as undying passion for film to City Lights. In Dec. 2013 Michael and his wife, Susan, were vacationing in Florence. While poking around town they saw the locked and darkened Florence Cinemas and read the small note taped to the front door that bid the town farewell. Another small, local cinema had fallen victim to the “convert or die” mandate of the historic and costly switch from 35mm to digital.

Michael Falter

Months passed, but Michael couldn’t shake the sadness he felt picturing Florence and so many other towns like it across the country no longer having a movie theater. By late winter Michael’s sadness began looking more like a promising opportunity and an exciting challenge. What would it take to get the theater up and running again? What would a local cinema look like that offered both mainstream commercial as well as independent cinema and the new performing arts programs that digital projectors now made possible? The wheels started spinning and Michael began driving, flying and driving some more to and from Florence. In collaboration with Susan Tive, currently the Development Director of Salt Lake Film Society, they formed a business plan that calls for a ‘hybrid’ cinema, unique to the Oregon Coast.

Months of research, number crunching, negotiations and nail biting finally culminated in the birth of City Lights Cinemas. Determined to put both their dreams and many years of experience to work to bring the movies back to Florence, City Lights Cinemas is scheduled to open in August 2014.


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