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City Lights Cinemas will be reopening in the near future! Behind the scenes, we are making some upgrades and modifications to insure that our customers are safe and comfortable every time they come to the movies. We could use your financial support to make these changes and help get us up and running again. Please consider renewing your membership if it’s expired or renew early. You can also help out by purchasing gift passes online and gift memberships.

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Update on Reopening

Currently, City Lights Cinemas is planning to reopen August 28th. We are in touch with other theaters and staying informed about the latest news from Hollywood about film releases. Please check back regularly for updates or email with your question.

We are grateful to you, our members and patrons, for your continued support and can’t wait to open our doors again and continue offering the most diverse array of filmed content on the Oregon Coast for the Florence community and beyond.

Thank you for your patience.

Michael and Susan

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